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One of the most vital contributions to rescue is so often the toughest to find. Loving fosters are the backbone of any animal rescue organization, as they give dogs that have been rescued the opportunity to start learning, or remembering, how to be part of a family, how to give and receive love, and in short – they learn how to be a dog.


When a dog is moved to foster they no longer require costly stays at a veterinary hospital or boarding, and blossom given the opportunity to be part of a family unit. While in foster care, Rescue From The Hart continues covering the dog’s expenses, including medical, food, grooming and supplies. In return, our fosters provide a safe, stable environment, and most importantly, love for our dogs while they await their forever homes.

Fostering is truly one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer, and the more fosters we have, the more dogs we can save.  When you foster, you are not only helping the dog in your care, you are also helping us rescue another dog. Become a foster today and make a difference that will last a lifetime!

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